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Not Cancelled: The Musical!

It's here! The musical for which I wrote lyrics/music is available to stream at this link:

"Not Cancelled: The Musical" was a song cycle for young actors I wrote in collaboration with Paige and Devan Ballagh of Studio 410. It is based on the Canadian novel of the same name, which was written and published within the first year of the pandemic, and was all about the silver linings of the pandemic; the things that were "not cancelled." As soon as Devan and Paige got wind of the book they knew it was ripe for musical treatment, and with the full support of the authors, they brought me onboard to write the music and lyrics. The musical was rehearsed and recorded fully abiding by COVID protocols, and was turned into a documentary movie-musical which had its premiere screening at the Hanover Drive-in Theatre on September 23rd, 2021.

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